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Loudia Rowing Center

 The Loudias River is an artificial canal, which opened between 1930-1935. Its width is 60 meters, and its depth reaches, in some places, 5 meters. The waters of Loudias cross the plain of Giannitsa and end at Thermaikos gulf.

The area that constitutes the rowing track is called the "Zero" point because the water level from the respective sea surface is only 30 cm different. In this area, the phenomenon of flood-low tide occurs, but it has been minimized after the construction of a dam.

The sport of rowing started in 1980 and in 1988 canoeing and kayaking followed. The calm of the waters throughout the year is Loudias's comparative advantage. This fact makes the training conditions ideal. Many clubs and national teams in Greece and Europe have chosen Loudias for their training. Also important are the accessibility, the platforms, the storage areas, and the speedboats that are for the use of the athletes.

The Rowing Center can accommodate and be used by 30 athletes. Their accommodation is usually in Giannitsa, which is only 7 km away. Even children from 11-12 years old, who know how to swim can start training.




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