Great Food

A divine mixture of sugar, corn flour, roasted almonds and goat butter.

It is the traditional sweet of Serres. In appearance, it looks a lot like Turkish delight, but it has a unique and very intense taste.

The myth that accompanies this buttery delicacy says that the Turks ordered the Greek who stirred the hot mixture to do it quickly (AKA) and he tired to answer (NAI(Greek for yes)).

But the explanation seems more true that the name comes from the word HAKAN which means prince.

Indeed, akanes is sweet for princes, like the Constantinople Hatzi Bekirlokma stuffed with cream, which is why the Turks called it (H)akan halva.

We must say here that, in Turkish, the addition of H in front of a name, a sound that is just heard, like a faint, indicates tenderness and desire, e.g. (H)anoum.
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