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Akanes of Serres

A divine mixture of sugar, cornflour, roasted almonds, and goat butter. The traditional dessert of Serres, which you will not find in any other area and visually looks like a loukoumi delight. In taste, however, the difference is remarkable from the first bite, as the unique and very intense taste, especially the combination of fresh butter with well-cooked almond, is a gastronomic experience.

 The story of Akane in Serres begins during the Turkish occupation when the Beys spent their summer holidays in Lailias, Serres, which is why the name "Akanes Lailia of Serres" remained. The preparation was done with the techniques that were used back in time, in large cauldrons, while the water of Lailias, cool and light, was the main ingredient that gave all the flavor to the desert. The preparation of the traditional akane continues to this day, with small changes in the process, by companies from Serres.




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