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Walk to the Thermi Dam

 Just a few kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki, above Thermi, an area of 50 acres is available to rejuvenate the body and help calm the mind from the rhythms of the urban landscape. The Dam, a double artificial lake created thirty years ago, just five minutes from Thermi, was designed, beautified, and over the years took the form of a perfect coexistence of trees, fish, reptiles, birds, and people with the water element.

The lake is home to fish, turtles, and several species of birds, while there are areas around for sports, rest, and observation, along with picnic tables. At the top of the hill, the wooden restaurant offers the opportunity to enjoy your coffee or food, gazing at the landscape above the lake, next to the playground. Pines and firs, often hanging in the crevices of the rocks, embrace and reflect in the water, a landscape perfect for photography, and many times the imperceptible sound of their leaves is the only noise heard.

The path that surrounds the lake is passable, but one can walk further, having Hortiatis, whose water reaches the reservoir from its sources to its visual horizon. The visitor leaves the Dam with a renewed mood and peace, while all he needs to have with him is bread to feed the friendly ducks that reign in the lake.


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