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Afytos Beach(Athytos)

Under the balcony of the Gulf of Toroni with a fascinating view, the beach in Afytos (Athytos) expands into a large, narrow strip of the sandy area, with crystal clear, turquoise shallow waters. Its natural protection from the surrounding hills, famous for their privileged position towards the blue of the Aegean and the sunsets, but also the coastal rocks does not allow the formation of big waves. It has spots with sunbeds and bars for drinks or food, but also areas where visitors can enjoy the white sand and clear waters with their means.

Combined with a walk in the traditional village that surrounds it, with its cobbled streets and the special architecture of the 19th century in the stone houses-mansions, the place offers much more than a simple excursion for a cool swim. Taverns with fresh fish and traditional cuisine are placed near the beach for food after swimming, waiting for the magic of the sunset to complete a perfect day at sea.


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