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Paliouri Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Halkidiki, is near the traditional village of Paliouri, in the Gulf of Chrousso. Famous for its warm, crystal-clear waters without much depth, the serenity of the sea in the sheltered part of the bay, and also the all-day parties that are organized in the surrounding beach bars. Between them, are large areas for guests to lay their beach essentials, to enjoy their swim in any way they wish.

Also known as "Xenia Beach" due to the emblematic but abandoned hotel that operated in previous decades, gathers many vacationers looking for a special experience by the sea. The color combinations are dreamy, combining the intense green of the pine forest and the deep blue of the Aegean at the exit of the bay where the beach is located, in every shade. A natural beauty pool of rare beauty, where all one has to do is enjoy it!


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