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Katerini Beach

The largest beach of Pieria, with its huge area and the numerous places for swimming located in the area, provides a plethora of options that satisfy every visitor. Just eight kilometers from Katerini, with easy access to every point, it stretches below Olympus and has award-winning, clear waters, sandy sea beds, and endless space for sunbathing, playing, and diving.

Katerini beach meets the homonymous, seaside settlement and extends beyond its borders to the north and south. A wide variety of accommodations and restaurants cater to guests, either as hikers for a pleasant swim or as vacationers in the area full of options for relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as a tour of the surrounding mythical Olympian areas with the rich history presented in its sites, museums and monuments.

The beach bars alternate with the areas where you can lay on the sand with your beach umbrella, whilst the beach is suitable for families with children, with the large available spaces in the sand and the shallow waters without rocks or pebbles. The rich nightlife, both on the Coast and nearby Katerini, covers the needs of those who want to get to know the people’s way of entertainment.

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