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Neos Poros Beach

The wide sandy beach of more than five kilometers long available, place the beach of Nea Poros at the top of the list of the most "spacious" beaches in the area. Ideal for families, and for those looking for comfort and quiet in their summer getaways, as it offers manysandy areas, with large openings between beach bars and shops from which visitors can relax without the crowds observed on busy tourist beaches.

In the south of Pieria, just before the verdant Valley of Tempi, the long strip of sand magically combines the green in the shadow of Olympus with the blue of the crystal clear, award-winning waters. Along the way, visitors find places of coolness and food, beach equipment, and water sports, while in the settlement of Neos Poros, with its exemplary housing plan that invites visitors for an after swim stroll, there are facilities for every taste, for food, drink fun but also accommodation, this beach requires more than one visit to be discovered and enjoyed.

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