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Perea Beach

Perea beach is popular due to the short distance (22 km) from the center of Thessaloniki, organized and surrounded by famous fish taverns and restaurants with fresh seafood, the beach of Perea is a major destination for day trips for swimming from Thessaloniki. Nearly two kilometers of sandy beach are available for guests to swim and sunbathe - at the same time, many more places offer coffee, drink, and food outlets, overlooking Thermaikos and the sunsets of Olympus.

The shallow waters on the shores, which deepen sharply, but also the wide area in which the sand spreads make Perea a family-friendly beach. The picturesque pier is a reference point and an opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze without necessarily swimming, although some people prefer it as a diving boat - it is a perfect place for the best photos of the Mountain of the Gods and the beach of Thessaloniki, especially in the afternoon when the landscape changes and colors the sky.

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