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Platamonas Beach

One of the most fascinating beaches in Greece, in the middle of a wooded area below Mount Olympus and under the "surveillance" of the Middle Byzantine Castle on the hill. It is a set of small, consecutive beaches along the coast of Pieria, with straight lines and "petals" protected from the wind, "free" for the most part, and organized in several places, with shops of all kinds. Platamonas Beach is a top holiday destination, as it provides many options for multi-day vacations for all budgets and in summer the area sees its population increase tenfold thanks to its visitors.

The sandy beach in some places has fine pebbles, while in the crystal-clear waters the sandy dominates the sea bottom. The beach is part of the peculiar natural beauty where the coast is at the same time the foot of the highest mountain in the country and one of the highest in Europe, from Neos Poros to up high, in Alykes Kitros, but the part of Platamonas stands out for its uniqueness, combining its natural location with the history of the Castle, the mythology of Olympus, the tradition and the modern, leaping tourist development. In the taverns of Platamonas, with fish from the boats that empty their nets on the beach which is an interesting spectacle for those who are on the beach early, one will find the freshest options to complete a perfect day at sea.

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