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Sykia Beach

In the center of a creek in southeastern Sithonia, which offers kilometers of shores with fine sand and clear, warm, and shallow waters, Sykia Beach, the largest settlement in the second "foot" of Halkidiki, is one of the most beautiful on the peninsula. Ideal for nature lovers, families, and those who seek quiet during their holidays, as it is not organized, but is presented with its raw beauty to visitors who prefer to sunbath without disturbances, reading a book between dives.

The bays to the entrances of the bay create their own, separate beaches (Valti, Griavas, Linaraki, Pigadaki, Tourkolimaniotis, Klimataria). On the other side, the horizon meets Mount Athos as it sinks into the Aegean, and the blue-green of the waters gradually become one with the opposite mountain as it rises between the straits. Different from the numerous, popular beaches of Halkidiki, with a few "supply" point that visitors have to be prepared with their supplies before visiting, Sykia Beach generously offers what those who prefer to enjoy the sun like sand and clear sea in their purest form.


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