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Sea & Sun
Siviri Beach

Characterized as a "family" beach, due to the shallow waters that deepen smoothly and remain low for several meters, its width allows games in the fine sand and endless hours of sunbathing. Calm atmosphere, without overcrowding, with clear blue waters surrounded by picturesque taverns, pine trees, and a settlement - painting, on the west side of the first "foot" of Halkidiki.

Organized on one side, "free" on the other for excursions with the equipment of the visitors, while the settlement of Siviri provides all the necessary for the sea but also the food, the accommodation, and the markets of the vacationers. Clear, windless, and awarded with a Blue Flag, invites visitors to provide everything one could ask for from their ideal summer. A must is the afternoon bath, which offers the sunset over Mount Olympus, with a view like a moving postcard.


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