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Kakoudia Beach

If each beach has its own, special character, there is one that stands out as an environmental monument and work of art of nature itself and its forces that collide to create something unique: The sculpted rocks in Kakoudia. The water, the rock, the sand, the winds, and the turquoise waters of the gulf of Ierissos, are ingredients that created formations that take your breath away and shape them as time goes by, offering a spectacle that is thirsty to be immortalized. The absence of human intervention completes the creation and gives it a character of genuine, incomparable natural beauty.

The visitor remains an observer but also a communicant of the strange art created by nature at the point of the coast. The off-white rocks, which appear above the water and the sand as sculptures, but also sink into the crystal-clear sea presenting an equally impressive route with their shape and a different color in the water prism, invite you to explore them, swim around them, and to feel the centuries of nature’s artwork. Absolutely special landscape, the same experience for swimmers or nature lovers who will visit to admire, to photograph it from every possible angle that gives a different perspective, but also a wonderful beach for swimming, without a tourist organization (there are no beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas). All that is required of the guests is to have taken care of what they will need during their visit and to have time to explore and admire it.


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