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Koviou Coast

Just outside Nikiti, on the road to Neos Marmaras, the small creek that is not visible from the highway hides one of the most beautiful small beaches of Halkidiki. It is known mainly for the colors of its waters, which have a rare blue-green color and are shallow for several meters - children spend hours playing in its shallow waters, which remind them more of a pool. The geography of the place keeps it protected from the wind, so there are no waves, while the water is warm and its temperature gradually rises in the afternoon, before giving the sunset as a perfect farewell to the swimmers.

Koviou coast has no organized facilities and is free for its guests to enjoy with their equipment. A small part of it has bars, sunbeds, and umbrellas for those who need them. Around the beach some pines reach almost to the sea, hanging on the rocks, completing the warm feeling of the landscape. Few pebbles on the shore break off the white sand that covers the entire soft bottom of the bay. The small difficulty in access makes it relatively isolated, ideal for lovers of peace and swimming away from the crowds of other beaches in the area.


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