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Livari Coast

The uniqueness of the landscape across the island of Diaporo, just before Vourvourou, creates one of the most peculiar beaches of Halkidiki. Essentially a lagoon, Livari beach consists of narrow, sandy ledges, which embrace the waters as they enter the creek. Sand and water shape the landscape, creating islands - independent small beaches and the small height of the crystal clear, warm waters allow access to the whole area, even walking in shallow water.

Livari Coast is a large water park, a salty swimming pool where nature itself invites you to play while enjoying your swim. The visitor will be amazed by the shallow bottom formations that occasionally rise above the sea and the paintings in the combinations of crystal clear waters with the green of the conifers around, the sun reflected in the white sand to the island a few meters across and the impressive view to Mount Athos. In Livari there is no organized beach and swimmers can comfortably enjoy their swim with their equipment.


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