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Armenistis Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Halkidiki and perhaps the best of Sithonia, on its eastern side, across Mount Athos. Surrounded by a pine forest, it stretches for hundreds of meters with white sand and turquoise, shallow waters. It got its name from the homonymous campsite that operates there, which provides all kinds of equipment for swimming, food, and accommodation for those who are interested. The beach is mostly organized but also offers free space for visitors.

The view from all sides is impressive. The sequence of colors in the environment, from the conifers to the white of the sand,  τηε sandy shore, and from the blue-green of the warm, waveless waters without s to the deep blue of the bay and Mount Athos as a permanent background, fascinates swimmers who will be in this enchanting point between Vourvourou and Sarti. The quality of the beach is awarded every year with a Blue Flag, while all the facilities are an attraction for all ages throughout the summer and a favorite destination of young people who want to combine the swimming and fun.


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