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Mikoniatika Beach

At about 40 km from Thessaloniki, the beaches around Nea Kallikratia are very popular destinations for swimming, due to the proximity to the city and their clear waters that are awarded Blue Flags. One of them is located between Nea Kallikratia and Vergia, in the settlement of "Mykoniatika", which is built around a beautiful, large beach in Thermaikos, with a cosmopolitan breeze and plenty of traffic during the summer months.

Sandy, is wide, and organized for the most part, but also a free area, the beach has a large capacity for visitors. Due to its large area, it maintains the feeling of comfort despite the crowds, while it is disabled-accessible and has a lifeguard. It is offered for short excursions from Thessaloniki, while the locals also prefer to swim there. And, like all the beaches of Thermaikos, visitors experience the sunset on Olympus on the other side of the Aegean.


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