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Nea Fokaia Beach

An exceptional, and the first beach after the Kassandra canal, on the east side of the first “leg”. It spreads around the settlement of Nea Fokea, a tourist resort with great development and infrastructure of all kinds for the needs of vacationers. The beach has fine-grained sand that surrounds the coast, while the turquoise, crystal clear waters that are awarded a Blue Flag, remain shallow for several meters before deepening smoothly. Linked to the landscape are the picturesque taverns with fresh fish and the atmosphere strongly resembles an island.

It is an organized beach that provides everything, either with the facilities by the sea for food and beverages or with the shops located along the swimming area and provides the necessary equipment. It stretches for more than two kilometers, which allows it to accommodate many visitors without becoming suffocating during the summer months. Combined with the surrounding landscape, which is dominated by large boulders, trees, and the Mikra Asia settlement that still retains the identity of its founders, it completes the perfect vacation, especially for families.


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