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Polychrono Beach

With one of the largest beaches in Halkidiki, with a total length of 7 km, Polychrono is a tourist destination with many visitors per year. In the middle of the east side of the first "foot" of the peninsula, built along the coast, it has 1,000 residents and countless visitors who crowd the beach, the cafes and beach bars, the fish taverns, and the traditional Greek restaurants. The various accommodation facilities, and the well-organized coast, make Polychrono a holiday resort that many choose to stay in all summer long.

The natural beauty of the seashore and its large area attract numerous vacationers. The sea is crystal clear, honored every year with a Blue Flag and the shallow waters on the coast make long stays for swimming, sunbathing, and playing ideal. In Polychrono are options for all kinds of water activities, from simple daily diving to jet skiing, water sports, canoeing, and cycling. The sandy area by the sea is intertwined with the dozens of shops that give it a cosmopolitan character, although the picturesque pine forest that surrounds it recalls the role of natural beauty in the promotion of Polychrono as a particularly famous destination for visitors.


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