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Nea Kalikratia Beach

At the first large seaside station of Halkidiki, just 30 km from Thessaloniki, Nea Kallikratia welcomes visitors with a huge, organized beach in front of the densely populated, beautiful town. Spread over more than three kilometers long and with a large width in most places, the beach welcomes thousands of visitors from the capital of the Region, offering comfort and relaxation to swimmers.

The shallow waters on the coast attract families with children, the large area guarantees enjoyable swimming for beginners and experts, while the warm water temperature offers relaxation, ideal for those who choose it as a one-day escape from the suffocating rhythms of the city.

Beach bars offer the essentials for visitors, while famous fish taverns with fresh seafood that are caught in the area are located almost at the edge of the sea. In the crystal-clear waters, awarded with a Blue Flag, you can forget the noise of the urban landscape and be left in the hospitable water embrace of Thermaikos that begins its course to the other side below Mount Olympus.


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