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Porto Koufo Beach

Porto-Koufo, an impressive creation of nature mentioned by Thucydides as "Deaf Port", is the largest (and deepest) natural port in Greece. Protected like no other by the winds, the southern end of Sithonia, is a traditional destination for lovers of fresh fish, as a fishing base for the inhabitants of the famous fishing village, who moor their boats in the safety of the bay. For sailing guests, it is the ideal place for a stop - as long as they have enough time and a mood for adventure.

The sandy beach of the shelter is suitable for those who love the thrills and the hunt for hidden water diamonds: The transparent, eternally calm waters may play gently on the shore, but they deepen sharply and are ready to welcome the most adventurous diving lovers. The countless terraces on the beach are open for exploration, in landscapes taken from Hollywood blockbusters, while the largest treasures are located in places around the bay that can only be reached by boats and lead to sunken shipwrecks and small caves where few have managed to discover.


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