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Megali Ammos Beach Ammouliani

In the circumnavigation of Ammouliani with a boat, you will find it difficult to decide where you will enjoy your swim. The succession of the sandy shores of the pine-covered island of Halkidiki does not allow easy selection: All beaches have off-white, warm sand, crystal clear waters that play from a distance with the turquoise and the deep blue and special landscape, with vegetation that almost touches the sea. Megali Ammos may make a great impression - the view of Ouranoupoli and the islands of Drenia, the formations on the side rocks that resemble sculptures, and the one-piece sand that sinks in the water and becomes one with the bottom of the sea are unique ingredients, on a real tropical paradise.

With its amazing amphitheatric shape, in the southern part of the island, organized but not overcrowded, with umbrellas, sunbeds, facilities for water sports, and a beach bar for the necessary supplies of snacks and drinks, Megali Ammos wins a spot among the most impressive beaches of Halkidiki. It is a must to visit, either as the only destination for relaxation on the island or as part of the general search for the secrets that Ammouliani and the rare gems around have to reveal.


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