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Olympiada beach

Awarded with a blue flag and protected by the natural port formed by Strymonikos, the beach of Olympiada stands out for its natural beauty. About one kilometer of sandy beach stretches in front of the settlement, with crystal clear, transparent waters and views of the island of Kafkanas, while the total coastline of Olympiada is about 4 kilometers long. It has organized places with sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers, water sports, as well as refreshments for the service of vacationers.

Olympiada beach is known for its shallow waters, which its no deeper than fifty centimeters in the first fifty meters, it is an ideal beach for families. It has a large width, which allows it to provide comfort to visitors even in the middle of summer. Its famous fish taverns, which "circle" the coast, are a top destination after swimming for those who choose Olympiada or the surrounding beaches.


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