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Kavourotripes is a small earthly paradise in Sithonia, between Armenistis and Platanitsi. The complex of beaches with the fine sand, the crystal clear turquoise waters of the successive sandy coves, which are wedged between sculpted white rocks and the dense pines that reach the sea, on a coastline of 5 km, create a location that is considered by many to be the best beach of Halkidiki. The view across the beach, on the imposing Mount Athos, just completes the visual experience perfectly.

Kavourotripes (but also "Akti Portokali"), was a hidden treasure for the locals, and for this reason, it does not even have signage for visitors, while access is via dirt road. Vacationers should have with them the necessities for their bathing, also keeping in mind that the area is now very popular and there is a crowd, especially during the summer months and at noon. In any case, a dip in Kavourotripes is an essential ingredient for the holiday experience in Halkidiki.


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