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Epanomi River

One of the most unique beaches in all of Macedonia, a place that is divided into two and has as many differences as the differences between its sides. One side, the side of Thermaikos, always calm - on the other side, the "open" side, towards Halkidiki, exposed to the wind and the wave that surfers love. The two sides of this strange triangle that penetrates with the sand into the sea, always in contrast but beautiful like the sand that disappears in the blue waters, which the Epanomi river keeps clean in a natural way.

The water is deeper and at a slightly lower temperature than the beaches that follow on the road to Halkidiki. The beach is huge in length, and wide and has a lot of space for bathers that welcome thousands, making in recent years a commonplace for day trips for swimming from Thessaloniki (it is about 30 km from the city center). Of course, the symbol of the beach is the famous and many times photographed "Shipwreck", the imposing, rusty ship that has been resting for half a century in the sea of ​​Epanomi, just a few meters from the shore.

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