Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras


Neos Marmaras

The cosmopolitan center of Sithonia

The current cosmopolitan Neos Marmaras has a history of a century, from the settlement of its refugees of the Asia Minor Catastrophe who founded it in western Sithonia. The Marmara people were looking for a place that would look like the one from which they had been uprooted and in the beautiful corner of Halkidiki they built their new settlement, giving it the name of their island in Asia Minor.

The rapid residential and tourist development of recent decades has made it one of the top tourist resorts in the Balkans and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Neos Marmaras is built on three hills. The two elements that border it, the sea with the endless coastline and every combination of the blue that nature has, with the mountain behind it, the verdant Itamos, which has some of the most enjoyable trails for hiking and cycling, are combined to donate on the site the rich natural infrastructure. And the inhabitants took advantage of them, especially after the construction of Porto Carras, the emblematic five-star hotel, ideally developing the tourist character of the settlement.

The traditional village of refugee fishermen, stockbreeders, and farmers is today a well-organized tourist paradise, providing a variety of options for accommodation, food, water activities, and entertainment, like an entertainment center in Sithonia with a rich nightlife. It has a floating port, where a large number of boats dock, and is a starting point for cruises to the nearby Mount Athos.

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