Paleo Zervochori Wetland “Maritsa”

Paleo Zervochori Wetland “Maritsa”


Paleo Zervochori Wetland “Maritsa”

Relaxation and revitalization in the desiccated Lake of Giannitsa

On the eastern outskirts of Paleo Zervochori, a settlement between Naoussa and Krya Vrysi, is the starting point of the now-desiccated Lake of Giannitsa (Loudia). A battlefield during the Macedonian and Balkan Wars, it was also known as "Valtos", as in addition to its 10,000 acres of area it was surrounded by about 340,000 acres of marsh. Its desiccation, completed in the 1930s, resulted in the creation of arable land in what is now the vast plain of the area.

Today, in Paleo Zervochori, a magnificent wetland has been created in the bed of the river 'Maritsa', which is home to numerous fish, birds, amphibians, and insects, and is also a station for migratory birds. The landscape is ideal for hiking through the greenery on the riverbanks, as the planting of trees by the residents has further enhanced the area, and there are facilities for picnics or to enjoy a coffee with a view of the river and the surrounding vegetation. The 'Maritsa' is also a popular place for rowers, as the width of the riverbed is ideal for rowing activities.

The wetland is perfect for birdwatching and for day trips in nature. The "residents" of the wetland, wild ducks, waterfowl, cormorants, otters, myotis, freshwater fish, and water turtles, in combination with the natural environment that hosts them, seem to be the ultimate landscape for relaxation, rejuvenation and rest for visitors.

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