Lake Volvi

Lake Volvi


Lake Volvi

The Nymph with the rare fauna

Lake Volvi is the second largest lake in Greece. It is about 35 km from Thessaloniki and 8 km from Strymonikos Gulf. Together with the adjacent Lake Koronia, it is a protected area.

The Volvi has an area of ​​70.8 sq. Km is a deep lake, full of fish and hosts rare species such as gelartza and lakopsaro, and liparia, which is an endemic species and does not live anywhere else in the world. The salted liparia fish is a traditional local meze, accompanied by tsipouro. The rich fish fauna of the wetland includes 24 different species of fish and 254 species of birds.

 The name of the lake comes from Greek mythology. The nymph, with whom Hercules had a son Olynthos was called Volvi. According to mythology, the Nymph lived in its waters and protected the lake.

Visitors can enjoy the lake and the different views of the wetland from every point of the 54 km of its coastline. The best observatory is the Municipal Refreshment Bar in the Baths of Nea Apollonia, with coffee, snacks, or fresh fish, overlooking the waters and the fauna of the lake.

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